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When it comes to your long-term growth, the right therapist makes all the difference.


of Americans have a mental health issue in their lifetime


of clients who seek therapy have better outcomes than those who do not


of clients who see a therapists are less likely to relapse with anxiety and depression


Our clinicians have a wide range of focus areas with all age groups.

Develop Your Team

Work collaboratively with your clinician to develop your network and achieve your goals.

Discover the best therapist for you

We will match you with one of our licensed clinicians based on best fit.

“My daughter has had many, many mental health professionals in her life … and she’s agreed with me that this is the most comfortable she’s been. I’m amazed and excited.”
Name withheld

“BEST thing we ever did for our kids. There aren’t any words that can explain how neurofeedback changed our children’s lives. Thank you! Anyone struggling with school avoidance, anxiety, etc should try this.
Name withheld

How it Works

1. Get your clinician

Talk with our intake coordinator to find our best match for you.

2. Create a plan

Your clinician will work with you to create a plan to accomplish your goals

3. Get Results

Your clinician will stay with you as you work your plan and get back to you.

You don’t have to go it alone!

At Legacy, we understand that you want to be happy and healthy, and you have been trying as hard as you can. Yet you can’t do it alone. Even if you have family, they don’t always understand you or they don’t know what to say or do to help. In order for you to become the person you want to be, you need someone to come alongside you, to help you discover the solution that is often already inside you. That’s why we spend time getting to know you, to understand where you come from and where you are going. Here’s how it works: once you start meeting with your clinician, you work together to determine your goals and create an individual plan based on those goals. Sometimes it can take some time to figure it out and other times it happens quickly. Either way, all you have to do is make the first step so you can stop going it alone and start making your way back to your true self.

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